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A major defensive fort in the fifteenth century, Honfleur is now one of Normandy’s most appealing harbours from where you can still buy fresh fish direct from the fishermen.

In this very pretty town, lying on the southern bank of the Seine River estuary, (opposite Le Havre and west of Rouen), the centre of attraction is the 17th century Vieux Bassin (meaning ‘Old Dock’) with its boats, quays and picturesque 6-7 storey houses.

The many famous places that you can see in Honfleur include the Sainte-Catherine church, built by local ships' carpenters, entirely from wood and has a bell-tower separate from the principal building. It is the largest church made out of wood of France.

Popular with writers and artists, Honfleur became a centre of artistic activity in the 19th century. Its light and ambience made it a favourite with Corot, Boudin and many other Impressionist painters. Painter’s still work from Honfleur’s quayside and exhibitions are held in the Greniers a Sel, two salt warehouses built in 1670.

For easy sightseeing take the train around the town, but the y old streets, can be enjoyed on foot. Fine beaches are well within walking distance and the chic coastal resorts of Deauville and Trouville are not too far away.

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HOTEL: Hotel De La Tour Honfleur
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HOTEL: Hotel des Loges
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HOTEL: Hotel L'Ecrin Honfleur
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HOTEL: La Closerie Honfleur
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Image of Antares Hotel Honfleur

HOTEL: Antares Hotel Honfleur
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HOTEL: La Ferme Saint Simeon Hotel Honfleur
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