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Dijon is a wealthy provincial city which has attractive half-timbered houses in the compact centre, and makes a good centre for exploring the Cote d'Or

Located in eastern France, Dijon is home of the popular spicy mustard used in many of the creamy sauces served with steak, veal and rabbit. The historical capital of the province of Burgundy, Dijon lies in the centre of the Côte dOr and is also renowned for its fabulous fine wine and cheese. The vineyard of the Côte dOr, the Côte de Beaune and Chablis yield some of the worlds most venerated wines.

One of the most enchanting towns in France, the central hub of old Dijon is Place Francois Rude with its cafes and bars that surround a central fountain. With it top-class university, Dijon has a large student population and is a great base from where to explore the Burgundy region, particularly for those with a taste for wine or bicycling. There are plenty of quiet roads, perfect for cycling which go past tree-lined canals, rolling pastures and serene forests.

Dijon is by far one of the most attractive cities of provincial France with its beautiful scenery and many architectural splendours dating back to the wealthy dukes of Burgundy. Le Palais des Ducs was mainly restyled in the 17th century for parliament and in front of the palace lies the gracious Place de la Liberation surrounded by sandcoloured houses and designed by Mansart, one of the architects responsible for Versailles.

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Churches, museums, markets, restaurants, parks,shops and cafés are all waiting for you. Have a walk to the covered food market (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays)and go back to the flat to cook what you bought yourself like a Dijonnais. Taste the cheeses, bread, wines, delicatessen... Or enjoy a good meal from the restaurant around the corner! Many cultural and gastronomic experiences are waiting for you (but not only.. golf clubs, aqua parcs, lakes, Dijon-Prenois circuit etc...) It will be my pleasure to collect you at the railway station.

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HOTEL: Holiday Inn Dijon
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HOTEL: Hotel Balladins Dijon Nord Confort
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